My Conversion Story, Part 1



The story of my conversion starts years before my baptism.  You see, I wasn’t raised in a religious household.  Even without a religious back round, I have always felt that there were bigger unseen things at work in the world.  Heck, at one point in my life, I went as fars as calling myself a “spiritualist”  (yeah, those college years were pretty confusing!).  The truth of the matter is, I wasn’t raised with a structured Christian back round.  Did my family go to church on Easter?  Yes, of course.  Could I tell you why Easter was celebrated?  Well... all I knew was that Easter was a special time when an egg laying bunny came around and hid all of the eggs I had colored the night before.  I could never figure how he got them, and why mom did start locking the fridge around that time of year.  You would think that after years of this egg thievery, mom would have caught on, and started locking the fridge!  
Fast forwarding to my late 20’s, I met the love of my life, Lisa.  Our relationship was natural, and beautiful, and we both understood that we had met our soul mates.  Our next logical step (if you can call love logical) was to make it official in the eyes of God.  You see, even though I was without religion, Lisa was what we call a “Cradle Catholic”.  In my eyes, this posed no problem, as I had told her that what she sees, is what she gets.  Lisa was OK with this, but I had yet to meet her Dad, who greeted me with a shotgun on our first introduction.  You too will get to meet her dad, in my next blog.  How is that for suspense?