May 2019

Researchers Investigate Protein That Protects Cells From Radiation

       Radiotherapy is a very effective way to destroy cancerous cells and to shrink tumors. About half of patients with tumors in the gastrointestinal cavity which includes the liver, pancreas, colon, prostate, etc. are given radiotherapy treatments. This has increased the cancer survival rates in recent years.

Nuclear Reactors 682 - Corruption And Influence Peddling Suspected In Sale Of Bellefonte Nuclear Power Plant


Bellefonte Nuclear Power Plant

       I have spent a lot of time cataloguing the problems with nuclear power in this blog. Along the way, I have discussed incompetence and the ignoring of regulation by nuclear power plant operators. I have written about failure of nuclear regulatory agencies both in the U.S. and abroad.

Nuclear Weapons 683 - Maybe It Is Time To Retire The U.S. Land-based Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles


Minuteman III

       The nuclear triad is a term that refers to the three different nuclear weapons delivery systems that protect the U.S. They are the strategic bombers, the nuclear submarines and the intercontinental ballistic missiles stationed in the Midwest. The first two are well maintained and highly respected postings. The third is deteriorating and the morale is low.

Nuclear Fusion 57 - Lithium Can Improve Tokamak Fusion Reactor Performance

Lithium Tokamak Experiment-Beta .jpg

Lithium Tokamak Experiment-Beta:

        This blog is usually about nuclear fission because there have been nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons for decades. I sometimes write about nuclear fusion because it would be a better way to generate electricity if it can be perfected. Here is another piece of the puzzle.