June 2019

Amtrack BOGO

From now until June 10, you can get a BOGO deal at Amtrack to travel for the fall, winter or early spring next year! This flash sale allows you go buy one ticket and get one free when you reserve a room with a family member or friend. A cross-country trip for a few hundred dollars? Yes, please! You can use the deal on regular seats as well as cars with beds, and most of the trains have dining cars if you're hungry.

Locking Up All the Women

How naive of us to think that states threatening to lock up women who have abortions are so out of line. Where would they get the idea that this is even remotely okay? Well, American history, of course. And I don't just mean men dumping their wives at the mental institution, or how women serve time for helping their husbands or boyfriends with illegal endeavors. I mean the American Plan, something that's still considered legal in all states, was regularly used up until the 1970s and was even supported by the ACLU during its inception!

Cool Summer Desserts

Who wants to bake during the summer months? Frankly, the smell is worth it, but not if it also warms up your house! That's why summer sweets should stay that way--sweet--without adding any heat. Celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli of the Food Network has some really great cool dessert recipes that work really well for the summer months.

People Unite To Help Giant Snake

Can you imagine seeing an anaconda cross the road, right in the middle of traffic and everyone trying to get to where they're going? It's an outrageous thought, yet it's something that people in some parts of the world have to deal with. Where I live, the real danger is hitting a deer or smaller animal--sometimes a coyote or fox. But an anaconda! I can't even dream of it.

Fairy Gardens

It's that time of year again--fairy garden time! Fairy gardens are some of the cutest garden projects, hands down, and they've become so mainstream that you can even pick up supplies at Wal-Mart, Target and wherever you get craft supplies. Tiny founatins, bird houses, benches, ponds... you can get most of it just about anywhere, and if you can't find it, you can make it with oven baked clay. There are also a number of Etsy shops and other small businesses that specialize in making fairy garden starter kits and accessories!

Drink 25 Cups Of Coffee A Day!

Another example of modern studies proving nothing, a recent report maintains that 25 cups of coffee isn't bad for your heart because it doesn't stiffen arteries. Look, I love coffee. It's one of my top 5 favorite things. But if I even drink half that much I can attest to how damaging it is on me just on that same day! Between the anxiety, hyperactivity and general heart palpitations, it's scary business.

Brave Horse Tavern

Brick oven pretzels. Doesn't the thought just get your mouth watering? Brave Horse Tavern is known for their delicious pretzels as well as their friend chicken, smoked wings and dozens of beers on tap. They have unique offerings like pizza tots and asparagus hummus (to go with your brick oven pretzel), as well as more traditional tavern fare like burgers, sandwiches and fish and chips. 

The Chytrid Fungus Isn't In New Guinea

Most frog lovers know about the deadly chytid fungus that has been wiping out frog populations in various parts of the world, and its devastation seems inevitable. It's already destroyed at least 90 species and has lowered the population of 500 others. Scientists have been trying to combat the terrible disease without much luck, but now they may have some news that could help them out.

Exoskeleton Suits In Development

It was only a matter of time before the Avengers inspired scientists to actually develop super suits to use in battle. To be fair, the military has always experimented with new ways to take down enemies, including more advanced uniforms, but now scientists are actually developing supersuits that aren't for flight, superhuman strength or invisibility, but the kind that can improve the lives of normal human beings.

Cute Dog Family Portraits

How well do your critters pose for family photos? My dogs, Australian cattle dog/ chocolate lab mixes who weigh about 50 pounds each, definitely don't sit still for photos--one much moreso than the other. All you have to do is look at them and they get too excited to do anything--likely because they hope they're going to get to go play outside, even if you're pointing a camera at them.

Summer Poetry Experiences

Sometimes it feels like there's all the time in the world during the summer months, but they sure pass quickly. Enjoying poetry under a shady tree, with someone you care about or even by yourself, is a lovely way to pass a summer day. Grab a picnic blanket and some snacks, your favorite tomes and definitely hide any electronics. Some music might be great to accompany your poetry, but try using nature as your background soundtrack for just this once.

Gifts For Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner. Do you know what you are getting the special dads or father figures in your life? I'm not one to get a gift from a list of "gift ideas," because my dad and husband don't usually go for most of what they suggest. They are both work-with-their-hands guys, but they already have all of the tool ideas that most lists suggest. They'd rather get more specialized tools--carpentry, for my dad, and automotive, for my husband. They might like tackle subscriptions, but really I know they both prefer choosing their own, often live, bait when fishing, too.